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RealRyder Bikes

The RealRyder® Indoor Cycling bike is like no other indoor bike on the planet. The RealRyder Indoor Cycle turns, tilts and leans as you ride, providing the fluid sensation of an outdoor road bike.

As you move through an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, you get a more comprehensive, functional total body workout - with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles. Our unique, patented articulating frame technology lets the rider - any rider, novice to pro - fully engage their body and mind in a one-of-a-kind tactile, dynamic and functional riding experience.

Forget everything you've come to expect (and accept) about stationary bikes-the RealRyder® ABF8 will introduce you to the future of riding inside. That's right, you heard us. We're finally riding, not just pedaling, and we're doing it inside!

Moving across three planes of motion on our bike is not just some after-the-fact marketing department B.S. We actually designed our bike from the ground up not paying heed to traditional stationary bike standards-a narrow category, which hasn't introduced any sound biomechanical advances in decades.

We were motivated by a different calling. We were motivated to create an indoor bike that we could ride like an outdoor bike! Call us crazy bike geeks, but it sounded worthwhile. And, it seemed to us that this kind of bike would not only be more fun, but that it would actually be better for us than just pedaling away the hours on static equipment locked into one plane.

More than just another pedaling contraption on the market, we wanted an indoor riding machine that you could steer and lean, and balance on top of. An indoor bike that lived in the footprint of a stationary bike, but was decidedly not stationary. Our bike moves around under you, and you balance on top, steering, adjusting and pedaling? Welcome to RealRyder. The training wheels are off, folks. You can relax. We finally figured out what a stationary bike can be.

Benefits of RealRyder Bikes

1. Full Body - These bikes give the ability to do more than just pedalling fast or slow. The side to side motion engages your entire body, especially your core and stabilizing muscles.

2. Balance and Coordination - Standing up, sitting down, and turning corners gives you the experience of outdoor cycling. Continuous adjustments make this bike all the more fun!

3. Upper Body Engagement - This unique bike uses your upper body to control the directions you want your bike to go.

4. Burn More Calories - Use more muscles, burn more calories!

5. Keep the Excitement - Stationary bikes can seem repetitive after only a few sessions. RealRyder bikes gives you the feel of being outdoors, turning corners, racing against your "competitors".

At Core Three60 we also offer spinning classes utilizing the latest technology in spin bikes. We also offer classes which incorporate sessions using our core TRX circuit. these sessions set us apart from out competition and are offered regularly.

What makes the RealRyder ABF8 unique?

The RealRyder ABF8 vision began over 15 years ago when competitive cyclist and RealRyderTM International co-founder, Colin Irving, saw a need to improve the performance of the stationary bike to simulate the real bike experience. Colin shared his dream and teamed with industry experts Sean Harrington and Rich Hanson. With 60 plus years of combined industry experience, the RealRyder International team engineered a superior performance studio bike to meet the needs of the elite-cyclist for training and performance, inspire the indoor cyclist, and literally recast the indoor cycling workout from what was essentially a cardiorespiratory endurance exercise, to an overall fitness program. The Wellness, Senior Living, and Physical Therapy Markets have all recognized the potential benefits of the RealRyder ABF8 for their end-users.

The uniqueness of the RealRyder ABF8 originates from its innovative series of linkages and pivots known as the Articulating Bicycle Frame (ABF). This design allows the rider to move fluidly in the three planes of movement-CoreBalance? Technology. With the body free to move in the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes, riders can sustain a quick pedal cadence while controlling the bike's sagittal, frontal, and longitudinal axes of rotation. The resulting three-dimensional movement requires the activation of more muscle groups than are used on a typical stationary bike. The large muscles of the lower body work in conjunction with the upper body and core musculature to provide a whole-body, high-calorie-burning workout. Furthermore, these complex moves also help improve the rider's postural balance.

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RealRyder Ariculating Frame Bikes in Action

Forget everything you've come to expect (and accept) about stationary bikes-the RealRyder® ABF8 will introduce you to the future of riding indoors.


RealRyder Team Demo

Forget everything you've come to expect (and accept) about stationary bikes-the RealRyder® ABF8 will introduce you to the future of riding indoors.